Sarah’s “outside the box” thinking coupled with her “get it done” approach, leaves clients happy and, often, speechless.


Sarah is the Founder and Owner of Moxie Social and handles client relationships‐ basically making sure that you’re happy with everything. Sarah has a passion for ensuring small businesses are capitalizing as much as possible on social media trends. From big to small businesses, from online to brick & mortar, Sarah’s Social Media Marketing Strategies build communities, customers, and fan bases who not only like pages, but make purchases too!


Moxie Social is a special company with the purpose of making a difference.

At our core we care. We understand that we’re working with people who have emotions. Business owners are people, not numbers. Posts, or content, on our client’s platforms are targeted at people, not numbers. We treat people like they are people we care about, because we do!

Often we care so much that we do more than we are obligated to. We do this because we understand that, although what we do is business to business, businesses are all about people. They are run by people who deal with people everyday‐ so do we.

We lead with integrity, quality, innovation and creativity.



& partners

Patty Cavins

Higher Ground Advantage
Sarah is AMAZING! She has taken our brand and infiltrated a social media marketing plan for us that is simply incredible. Her wisdom on these strategies for implementing visibility is genius. As a business owner I am delightfully busy networking, building relationships, and facilitating our services to clients, I don't have time to think about what this platform should look like. Sarah is a breath of fresh air with her approach and her fees. Literally, I consider her to be worth her weight in solid gold to our company and our future success. I highly recommend that everyone talk with Sarah and let her show you how she can make your company top of mind through a social media and google presence. -Patty Cavins (Higher Ground Advantage) highergroundadvantage.com

Karla Gleason

Essential Connection
Working with Sarah has been super simple and a great asset for my business! She takes the time to really get to know me and my business so she can authentically help boost my online presence. Social media has never been my strong suit, but I recognize the need to have a solid online presence. I'm so appreciative of Sarah from Moxie Social and all she is doing to help my business grow and succeed! -Karla Gleason (Essential Connection) essentialconnection.org

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